Hand stacking colored boxes.

"My house is no longer builder white, it is warm and inviting thanks to Beth. She is off the charts on a 1-5 scale.  I never felt rushed and I always felt that she was as interested as I in obtaining the colors that would work best for us."  - Kim S.

Color Consulting Services

My Approach
IACCNA* training goes beyond a pretty palette, focusing on aspects other groups do not. Some considerations:

  • room function and amount of use
  • visual ergonomics (ask me about white walls)
  • the aging eye (or we’re not 20 any more)
  • Light Reflectance Values (LRVs) and contrast ratios
  • effect of light and how to adjust it
  • psychosomatic & psychological response
  • cultural and past associations
  • use for orientation in specialized environments
  • your taste vs. trends

* International Association of Color Consultants and Designers North America

The Consultation
We’ll discuss your project and any concerns before we meet.

I’ll arrive with 3,000+ super-sized color chips and several dozen large painted samples.  We’ll select colors from those, not tiny color strips.

Consultations are tailored to you and your space. I’ll ask questions about your rooms and desired outcome - like fresh and light, dramatic, serene, or even to feel warmer or cooler.

Choosing more than wall color? A consultation may include floors, counters, accessories or other elements.

I'll create and send you a custom room chart with color chips, paint names, sheen and paint type.

Super-sized chips for your walls and shopping use will be shipped to you.

"It is not quantity which counts [with colors], but choice and organization."
Henri Matisse, French Artist, 1869-1954